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How does ReviewsExchange work?

You give a review, you get a review. You simply go to on your mobile device and we’ll give you an app to review. After uploading the screenshot of your review, you’ll receive 1 point. When someone reviews your app, you’ll be deducted 1 point. You can give as many reviews as you’d like. Even set a daily limit so you can build up points and get a steady stream of reviews.

What about paid apps?

Instead of earning 1 point per review given, you’ll earn 1 point per dollar spent on apps you reviewed (these points are in a separate pool than the free points). For example, to get your $2.99 app reviewed, you’ll first need to spend at least $2.99 reviewing other apps. You never pay for a review, and you never trade reviews directly with another developer

What platforms are supported?

Right now we support iOS and Android. You can earn points by reviewing apps on either platform, and use those points on either platform. We hope to add Amazon App Store support soon, and may explore even more after that. We support any app, free or paid, iPad/tablet or phone.

Should I use my developer account to review apps?

Both platforms, iOS especially, automatically screen reviews based on a number of factors before posting them. Despite the fact that reviews given on ReviewsExchange are honest, reviewing a lot of apps in a short time period can result in reviews being less likely to show up. We've found in our experience that the screening process is more sensitive with developer accounts, so we recommend using a separate account if possible.

I can't find one of the reviews I got on the App Store / Google Play. What's going on?

You probably haven't waited long enough. Reviews usually take 48 hours to show up on the App Store & Google Play. In the case of the App Store, make sure you check your reviews for all countries, as reviews are separated for each country's App Store. Soon, paying users will be able to choose which countries they receive reviews from.

What are the community guidelines?

• Use each app thoroughly and give a meaningful, honest review of at least 2-3 sentences.
• Keep app on device for at least 24-48 hours
• You may skip and review a different app instead as many times as you’d like.

How many apps can I add to my account?

You can add 2 apps to your account for free. You can earn a 3rd slot by sharing our link, and after that you buy additional slots for $3.99 each. You can save money by buying multiple slots at once. For instance, you can save 25% vs buying individually if you buy the 10 slot package. You can make apps active or inactive if you want to control when you apps get reviewed. You can deactivate all apps and save up points for a specific time, like your app launch.

Does this violate developer guidelines?

ReviewsExchange is simply a way to show your app to other developers and give each other honest feedback. You aren’t paying for reviews and you aren’t guaranteed 4 or 5 star reviews. The developers you give reviews to wont necessarily be the developers you get reviews from. Of course, we can’t control how Apple or Google enforce the rules, and you use ReviewsExchange at your own risk. We have never heard of any developers having problems with Apple or Google because they used ReviewsExchange. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself!
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